Orthotics Can Improve Back Pain Associated With High Arches

With a cavus foot, painful callouses can form under the bases of the first and fifth toes, according to ePodiatry. Callouses can also form along the side or under the heel from the increased pressure and friction. The goals when treating a cavus foot are to redistribute weight over a larger area, relieve any pain and stabilize the foot. These goals can often be accomplished by wearing special foot supports called orthotics. You can retrieve the article in plain text form, and set the column width to whatever you like automatically; or you can copy it as HTML, ready to copy and paste directly into a web page.

Plantar fasciitis is a condition of the ligaments in the feet. If you are experiencing persistent pain in the arch of your foot, or sometimes the heel, you may be suffering from it. This is caused by inflammation in the connective tissue that runs throughout the arch of your foot and connects the toes to the heel. The pain is often worst in the morning, but lasts throughout the day. The pain may be most intense when you put strain on the arch of your foot. If you ignore the problem it can become a chronic medical condition that may even prevent you from functioning as a normal human being.

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High arch, also called cavus foot , causes rigidity in the foot and the body’s natural ability to absorb shock is hampered. Several other problems typically occur due to high arches; heel pain, Achilles tendonitis, painful bumps on the back of the heel called bone spurs, and arch pain. The way the foot is shaped and high arched feet can be surgically corrected to change the way that it lands. The arch is typically stretched in a weird way and arch tissue gets inflamed and painful. Due to the instability bunions, or knob like structures on the side of the foot , occur and can get larger.

such as tendon lengthening. Also, the calcaneus (heel bone) tends to be oriented toward the midline in pes cavus, as opposed to away from the midline in the normal foot, and sometimes an osteotomy is required to correct this. Dr. Mark Reed is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in foot and ankle surgery in the Seattle metro area. He can address all of your questions regarding pes cavus as well as any other foot and ankle conditions. Please feel free to contact Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle at (206) 784-8833 to schedule an appointment.

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